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WhatsApp Video call soon to be included for WhatsApp Android & WhatsApp Iphone

WhatsApp Video Call Coming Soon In The Next WhatsApp Update

All is set for the most popular if not the biggest instant messaging application WhatsApp to roll out its WhatsApp Video Call which is expected in its next update; However iOS will be the first platform to receive the update. The latest beta for WhatsApp shows off an option to place a Video Call to an individual, straight from the info sharing section within a contact. One of the few things I hope they get to fix is the whatsapp web, making it a stand alone application however still retain its synchronization ability would go along way to improving its pc users experience.
whatsapp video call

For sometimes Skype has been one of the greatest video call app ever developed which later gave birth to a few other’s, the likes of Imo, Facebook Messenger among others, we do hope whatsapp is able to live to expectations, it’s great however to see this being introduced as a new features.
Thou for now we have to fold our hands, wait for the update to be rolled out then enjoy the video call the instant it goes live
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