How to Share Glo Data With Up To 3 Other Glo Subscribers

I know most of you are currently enjoying the Glo data overload that gives you a whooping 10gb of data for just #2000 while you get an interesting 6gb of data for just #1,000 but you felt the need to share  glo data with few of your friends, well not to stress yourself that much as what you are about reading will give you just the right information you have been looking for, and that’s how to Share glo data with your friends.
Dont get it all mixed up, this is quite different from Glo data gifting, The Glo data sharing allow glo users to invite up to 3 other glo users to enjoy your data equally, Glo data gifting on the other hand however is a situation where you can transfer certain amount of allowable data to other Glo lines. Hope this is quite explanatory enough, now lets move to the real deal
How to Share Glo Data

How to Share Glo Data with Other Glo Lines

You can buy a data plan and share with your wife and 2 kids instead of buying four different data plans. Anyone you share with gets notified via sms with immediate access to the internet.
To add a Glo number to share your data, follow steps below;
·     Dial *127*01*GloNumberToAdd#
·     To remove any number from sharing your data dial *127*02*GloNumberToRemove#
·     Then to list people that are sharing your subscription dial *127*00#
When you add any number to share in your data bundle, an SMS will be sent out to the person notifying him/her of the invitation and they will immediately have access to start using your data. Remember, you have a slot of just 3 users you can share with!

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