Psiphon handler, Tweakware settings for etisalat bis on android

Main Post On the etisalat bis on android trick : New settings on how to use Etisalat bis on android as June 2016 has been on for a while and we actually updated you with it sometimes last week but in case you miss the update you can check here Using etisalat bis on android is another sure way of subsidized browsing as it gives you a huge 6gb of data for just #70 on a daily subscription on the etisalat bis plan.
Another interesting thing about the etisalat bis on android is that you get as much downloading speed just the way you would have it while subscribing for their normal data plan.
Etisalat bis on android is quite easy to set up using either Psiphon handler or tweakware, you recall we actually lay more energy on the use of etisalat bis on android with Psiphon handler on this post
Etisalat BIS on Android

However, today we will be unveiling both Psiphon handler settings for etisalat bis and also tweakware settings for etisalat bis, so all you need do is chill, read through and set up which ever one of the vpn you have installed on your Android.

Pls Note; this can stop working at any time, as we cant guarantee how long it would last, so if I were you I either sub for the daily or weekly.
How to subscribe for the etisalat bis ; pls kindly check here for the subscription code

Download Psiphon handler here or Tweakware Here
Dont forget, your mobile APN settings must be edited to look just as below settings ;
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty
Psiphon Handler etisalat bis Settings:
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:

Then click on Save
Then go to your More Option settings and untick connect through Http Proxy
Then wait for few seconds for it to Connect.

Tweakware Settings for etisalat bis:
  • Switch to Logs then Click on Handler Menu
  • Its will request for Tweakware childlock code then input = cdce.imishiro.032990
  • After unlocking, use Real Host as proxy type and then clear the click.php in the proxy server and replace with
  • Click on Save
  • Go to SETTINGS and untick connect through Http Proxy

Then go back to HOME and click on CONNECT

There you have it, enjoy while it last.
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