See main reason why etisalat blocked etisalat bis on android

New updates on etisalat bis on android : we are glad to inform you that the etisalat tricks is back and better kindly disregard the update on its blockage, buh note it may not last. Check here for how  to use etisalat BIS on android 

First and foremost, let me clear my throat, am sure you guys heard about the etisalat bis rocking on android with the help of Psiphon handler, as a matter of fact we actually updated you guys on the settings with both Psiphon handler and of course tweakware.

However someone felt it was ideal for him to report the trick to Etisalat via Twitter which resulted to its blockage, well the reasons behind his actions we actually cant say, but I guess he’s either pained or something. You can see his tweets below.
Just like we rightly told you, that it probably wont last, this and many reasons are why we find it so difficult to get free browsing tricks lately, its either someone report the trick or something else just happened, the last time we had the opportunity to enjoy a browsing tricks for long was during the era of mtn bis with Psiphon handler, that actually lasted.
Well lets hope something similar comes pretty soon, but for now you can manage this etisalat 200mb for #200 as we both know data seems to be a bit expensive, however the only cheap data plan around is that of the Glo overload data which gives you a huge 10gb for just #2,500, on the other hand on mtn you can get 1gb with #600, even up to 3.5gb for just #1,800.
Till then keep visiting, this blog or kindly submit your email below to get our instant update as it drops so as to enjoy real quick and fast before it gets block.

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