Sirin Labs Launches world most expensive android phone worth over #5Million

This will no doubt make some people go mad, but the truth be told, make more and more money and forget nonsense, if a smartphone company could manufacture a $16,666 android phone said to be world most secured smartphone and some certain set of people can actually afford to pay over 5million Nigeria naira on such phone pls go double your effort, money must be made!!!
sirin labs phone
This phone called Solarin is a 5.5-inch Android smartphone Featuring a 23.8-megapixel camera, with laser autofocus and industry-leading four-tone flash, plus a front facing flash and 5.5” IPS LED 2k resolution screen; But its pictures are blurry, overexposed, and immediately unimpressive.  is powered by a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 processor with X10 LTE and Wi-Fi (which you might remember as last year’s flagship chip that Samsung skipped  Snapdragon 810 because of overheating), the software is a heavily skinned Android 5.1.
sirin labs phone
It comes with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of non-expandable storage. 4000mAh battery capacity yet it is a military grade smartphones that weighs 250g (half a pond like seriously??)
Solarin costs an amusing $16,666, in naira N5,333,120 (Five Million, Three Hundred and Thirty Three Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty Naira).

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sirin labs phone

Specification And Price Of Solarin Military Grade Android Smartphone
✔ 5.5 Inches screen size
✔ Android 5.1 Lollipop OS
✔ 23.8MP back camera, 8mp front camera
✔ 128GB Internal memory
✔ 4040mAh Battery Capacity
✔ Global Price $16,666
✔ Price In Nigeria N5,333,120
sirin labs phone
Biko tell me what is it that I need to secure with over 5Million naira when am not CBN ahhhh… Anyways mayb you can sha.
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