Unveiling Kilocore World’s First 1000-Core Processor

Kilocore as it is called is the World’s First 1000-Core Processor, Kilocore however contains over 1,000 independent programmable processors, Kilocore is interestingly designed by a team at the University of California, Davis, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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Kilocore is said to be able to handle over 115 billion instructions per second while using 0.7W of power. This has made Kilocore the highest clock rate processor ever designed in a university not alone it being the highest clock but also the first world 1000-Core Processor another interesting thing about the processor is that it can power off self when not in use.
” Kilocore chip executes instructions 100 times more efficiently than a modern laptop processor. Applications already developed for the chip include wireless coding/decoding, video processing, encryption, and others involving large amounts of parallel data such as scientific data applications and datacenter record processing. ” UC Davis researchers
Kilocore world 1000-Core Processor can however be powered by a single AA battery, Kilocore isnt yet made available for use on any computer outside the University research work but then you can imagine what can be achieved with the world 1000-Core Processor, thats like flying withing your computer with the all new Kilocore processor.

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