10 Things You Don’t Know Your Android Phone Can Do

Often times all we do on how smartphones is to browse, see movies , play music and of course play games, what if i tell your your device can be used to perform so many task that you didn’t even know about, you would recall in one of our post we taught you of how to connect your android phone wirelessly with your tv. well there’s more from where that came from.

Well today i will give you 10 amazing things you don’t know you can do with your phone, all you need do now is to chill, follow these steps and begin to utilize your device to the fullest, thats more of the reasons they are called smartphone.

10 Things You Don’t Know Your Android Phone Can Do

  • Use Your Phone as a surveillance Camera 

Do you know you can turn your android phone into a security camera, well there is this IP,Webcam app which is an amazing android app that can stream your Android mobile camera screen to your PC.

  • Mirror and Control your Android Screen from PC:

Splash top is another brilliant Android app, that can control and mirror your PC screen to your Android mobile. you can also use this app to stream and as well watch PC movies in android mobile from this app.

  • Wirelessly Transfer Files from Android to PC :

another thing you can do with your device is to use it to transfer files between your android and pc wirelessly with the help of the app called Airdroid 3 transfer, what this app does basically is to help you transfer files between your PC and Android mobile wirelessly. You can also control your android mobile, from PC browser while using this Android app.

  • Control Your PC from Anywhere :

this should interest you, do you know you can remotely control your pc from your phone where ever you are with the help of an app called Team viewer, this app is well know for controlling your PC remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Run Linux OS in Android :

Where are the gurus here, this one is definitely for you, you run the whole Linux os on your android mobile. You can use your Android phone as a pen testing machine from running Backtrack Linux in Android Mobile.

  • Unlock & Lock your Android Phone Using SMS :

ever forget your Android Mobile Pattern or Forget your Pass code, well there is a way to unlock it via sms, you would recall we published something similar to this on how to unlock your smartphone

You can always remotely lock or wipe your lost phone through the Android Device Manager. This feature allows you to track and lock your phone remotely.

  • Get Android Mobile Notifications on your Desktop :

to do this Download Push bullet for your pc and android, this App is for getting all Android Mobile Notification live on your Desktop.

Connect Mouse with your Android Phone : OH…i wont talk much on this, you can connect your mouse, keyboard even your usb flash to your android provided you phone supports otg, all you need for this is to get yourself an OTG cable should be between #1000, and plug it in to your smartphone, while you connect your keyboard or mouse to it, you can also Control your Android Mobile Device using a wireless mouse.

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9. Call Anyone without dialing Number : You can do via Google Now, launch your Google Now with a voice prompt just by saying “Ok Google,” this feature works on android 5.0 and above. If you are running 4.4 below download, Nova Launcher to automatically turn on Google when you speak.

10. Run Linux Commands on Android : To perform this task you need to download Terminal Emulator from Google play store for running your Linux commands on Android Phone.

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