Etisalat Bb10: How To Bypass Tweakware VPN 200MB Daily Limit

We know some of you are Tweakware fans but seems restricted with its 200mb limit, well dont worry we gat a solution for you on how to bypass tweakware vpn daily limit, you would recall that for sometimes now etisalat bb10 has been rocking on android with the help of either Psiphon handler, or Tweakware VPN.  In case you miss that update you can check here
However, not alone is the etisalat bb10 blazing hot on Android but also Airtel is as well, Airtel being blazing unlimited with Psiphon handler and of course Netify VPN and you can check here also for airtel unlimited browsing.
How To Bypass Tweakware VPN Daily Limit
Now back to the topic, How to bypass tweakware 200mb daily  limit. Pls Note this however dosnt guarantee you unlimited browsing all the way without stopping, but what it guarantees you is that you be able to use tweakware vpn again and again even after exhausting your 200mb allocated for free account.
Disclaimer ; This article is for educational purposes only, and we are not held responsible for any damages caused either the VPN or its users.
Don’t be afraid about the disclaimer above, we are equally saying you should consider paying for its premium account if you can afford to, ( d tin sef no too cost nau biko its just #500 oo lol ). Okkkkk this is how to bypass tweakware 200mb limit. Guess what we are going to use to bypass it? Its android ID changer, Android ID changer is known to be an app which helps ypu change your Android ID literally enabling you to start all over again on your Android while you seen as a new user.

How To Bypass Tweakware VPN 300mb Daily Limit.

1. First of all, You need to make sure that device is rooted.
2. Now, You need to Download and install android id changer HERE
3. Now, open the Android ID changer and grant root permission
Android Id Changer
4. Click on the download button sign or Copy your real Android ID into somewhere save (so as to restore later in other not to void warranty).
5. Press the back button and click on the “+” sign above to generate a random ID for you.
6. Save New  ID
Now goto your tweakware and disconnect your connection then  reconnect your connection back and you will be granted another free 200mb bandwidth…..
Note: Each time you exhaust your Free 200mb bandwidth, Just go change your Android ID and you will bless with another 200mb bandwidth. Keep repeating the procedure till you get tired.
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