Best & Simple way To Hide Photos & Videos on Your Android Phone

That awkward moment that your friend operates your smartphone only to rush straight to your gallery to see what you have got there, it can be a bit annoying at times but the are friends, what about trying to keep some picture private, in such a way that it get hidden, wont that be great? or you have some “personal stuff” on your Android device and most of the time it ends up in foreign hands, it’s better to hide those personal data instead of being embarrassed.

Android does not recognize files if they are stored in a folder named “.nomedia” (without quotes). So all you have to do to hide your files is put all your stuff in a folder and then create a new folder in that existing folder and name it “.nomedia” (again, without quotes). Now apps like gallery, video players, or any other photo or video viewing apps will not be able to read those files stored with a .nomedia folder.

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How To Hide Your Files In A Folder

Hide Photos & Videos on Android

In order to view those hidden files, you’ll have to open that folder using a file explorer. So, in short, by using .nomedia folder you’ll hide your files from other apps but can access them via a file explorer.

Hide Photos & Videos on Android

How To Create A Separate Folder

Hide Photos & Videos on Android

In the first technique, we created a hidden folder in an already existing folder but in this technique, we will create a new and separate hidden folder specifically for the purpose of hiding files.

As mentioned in the first technique, Android, by default, does not recognize folders that begin with a dot (.). So instead of creating a hidden folder in an existing folder we will create a new hidden folder altogether. To do so, 
  • open your preferred file explorer and 
  • go to the storage section (internal/external) where you want to create this folder. Once there, 
  • create a new folder and name it anything, just make sure to add a dot (.) in the beginning. 
You have successfully created a hidden folder. Now store anything you want in it.

The benefit of this technique is that the hidden folder cannot be seen even in the file manager. To access this folder just enable “show hidden folders” option in your file explorer’s settings.

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  • You know, you can see the hidden file on your file manager. i.e, you don’t need to download es file explorer to see the hidden file.
    Click on file manager pre-installed on ypur phone. Select the options button-If you are using android kitkat. It would show ”show hidden files”. Click on that, you see all your hidden files.
    Glad to help?

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