Opt Out Of Airtel 2GB for #200 Now Or Forget Airtel 3GB Bis For Android

You need to opt out airtel 2gb for #200 now or forget using its bis on your android, Airtel literally used the 2GB for #200 to lure subscribers of Airtel 3GB Bis on Android away, what do I mean? I meant if you are one of those who uses airtel bis on android and have subscribed for the airtel 2gb for #200, chances are you won’t be able to subscribe for the Airtel 3GB Bis Plan for your android again.
This is no doubt one of the reasons users of the bis plan on android were unable to sub for it, So therefore the solution is for you to opt out of airtel 2gb for #200, then you might want to ask how do I opt out of airtel 2gb for #200? Dont worry we gat you covered.
opt out airtel 2gb for #200
How to Opt Out of Airtel 2GB For N200 Data Plan?

>>Dial *482*4# and u will receive invalid request message.
>>Then reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive “you have cancelled your  2g data subscription”
This should completely opt you out of Airtel 2GB data plan, after which you can now subscribe for your Airtel Blackberry Plan. In case you want to know how to use Airtel BlackBerry plan on android, check here Good luck Friends.
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