How To Restart Hanged Android Phone With Non Removable Battery

Have you ever been in the position where you wished your were using an android phone with a removable battery all because it hangs and you were unable to restart? well i can relate but the truth remains non removable battery smartphones mostly comes with a much larger battery juice, so in case your phone hangs and you need to restart you don’t have to worry about removing your battery any more.

what if i told you how to force restart your android phone without having to remove the battery, sounds interesting right?? in this article, we will learn how to force restart our smartphones that comes with a non removable battery in case it hangs and there seems to be no other way round it, So in this brief guide, i will reveal to you how to reboot your phone if it becomes unresponsive without removing the battery. This step varies for different model of android device.

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How To Restart Hanged Android Phone With Non Removable Battery

How To Restart A Hanged Phone With Non-Removable Battery


There are just few steps you need which include the underline

  • Press and hold down the powerℹ key and volume down ➖ key until the phone shuts down.  (this should take just few seconds) It will restart automatically but if it didn’t,
  • Just press the Power key to restart the phone 

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However in rare cases where the above listed method didn’t work for you, all you need do is to press and holding the power button for 10 seconds and your smartphone should restarts automatically.

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