How to Bypass Android Pattern (Password) Lock on Any Android Device

That awkward moment when you forgot your smartphone pattern and you like JESU!! well, i can relate to that, but the good news is, you no longer have to travel or run around just to unlock your forgotten phone pattern or password, with the steps am about to unveil to you, you will be able to unlock your forgotten android phone pattern with ease. Just follow me carefully and your device will be re-branded.


  • The Device Needs To Have Usb Debugging Enabled
  • In case usb debugging isn’t enabled and you have recovery, you can run the same instructions from recovery.
  • For some methods, root is not required (Though it will be better if the device is rooted)

How Can I Bypass Android Pattern Lock/Password

Method 1

Solution For Everyone With Recovery (Cwm, Twrp, Xrec, Etc…) Installed:



  • 1. Download this zip Pattern Password Disable here on to your sdcard (using your PC, as you can’t get into your phone, right )
  • 2. Insert the sdcard into your phone
  • 3. Reboot into recovery mode
  • 4. Flash the zip
  • 5. Reboot
  • 6. Done!

Method 2

Solution For Everyone Without Recovery Installed – ADB :

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What You Need:

  • =>A computer running a Linux distro or Windows+Cygwin
  • =>USB cable to connect your phone to the PC
  • =>Adb installed

How to install adb:

  • 1. Open Terminal
  • 2. Type this Code:
1sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Hit [Enter]

  • 3. Follow the instructions until everything is installed.


  • 1. Connect your (turned on) Phone to the Computer via USB.
  • 2. Open a terminal window.
  • 3. Type:


123456789adb devices

adb shell

cd data/system


rm *.key

  • 4. Done…Now You Just Have To Reboot.

Method 3

Solution For Everyone Before Lock Accident :

SMS Bypass – Download Link – Install It On Your Device (Download it here)
This app allows you to remotely bypass your phone’s screen lock by sending a SMS.
It removes your gesture pattern or password after receiving a preset keyword along with a secret code via SMS.
Note: SMS bypass app requires root.


  • 1.First, make sure you give permanent root access to the app.
  • 2.Change the secret code to your preferred choice. The default password is : 1234
  • 3.To reset your screen lock, send the following message from another phone:



1secret_code reset

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11234 reset

Note 1 : There is a space between your secret code and reset. Also the secret code is case sensitive.
Note 2 : There is an option available to change the preset keyword. Default is : reset – Your phone will restart and your lock screen will be reset.
Note 3 : If You See The Gesture Pattern Grid Or Password After Restarting, Don’t Worry. Just Try Any Random Pattern Or Password And it Should Unlock.


Method 4

Solution For Everyone Via Adb – SQL Command :



  • =>Type This Commands Separated In Your Terminal (CMD Prompt) :


1234567891011adb shell

cd /data/data/

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


  • =>Now You Just Have To Reboot.

Method 5

Solution For Everyone Via Adb – File Removal :



  • =>Type This Command In Your Terminal (CMD Prompt) :


1adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Method 6

Solution For Everyone With USB Debugging Enabled :


Primary Step for all method:

  • 1. Download & Extract to anywhere – Bypass Security Hack (Download ithere)
  • 2. Open SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe in SQLite Database Browser.
  • 3. Run pull settings.db.cmd inside By-pass security Hacks folder to pull out the setting file out of your phone.
  • 4. Drag settings.db and drop to SQLite Database Browser 2.0.exe program.
  • 5. Navigate to Browse data tab, At table there, click to list down the selection & delete secure

Instruction To Remove Pattern Lock:

  • 1. Now, find lock_pattern_autolock, Delete Record
  • 2. Close & save database
  • 3. Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove PIN Lock:

  • 1. Now, Find or Create lockscreen.password_type, double-click & change it’s value to 65536, Apply changes!
  • 2. Now, find lock_pattern_autolock, Delete Record, If doesn’t exist, Ignore
  • 3. Close & save database
  • 4. Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Instruction To Remove Password Lock:

  • 1. Now, find lockscreen.password_salt, Delete Record
  • 2. Now, find lockscreen.password_type, Delete Record
  • 3. Close & save database
  • 4. Run push settings.db.cmd and reboot your phone

Method 7

Solution For Everyone With Recovery Installed :


  • 1.Download and Copy Aroma File (Download it here) to your memory card.
  • 2. Open your recovery (press volume Down + Power button or it can be different according to the phones. Generally the phones who have press able button on the middle they have to press all three buttons. Google for you pattern there are lots)
  • 3. There’ll be an option in recovery called “mount”. Go in that option and then mount all the cache and everything it is there.
  • 4. Then select “update” and select “apply update from SD/external” and select aroma file file that you downloaded using above QR code above.
  • 5. After Flashing or updating, the aroma file manger will open. Use volume keys for up/down and power button 2 select like you use to get into recovery.
  • 6. In aroma File manager , Go to menu , which is located in bottom strip and then select Settings.
  • 7. Go to bottom n select “mount all partition in startup ” then exit from aroma file manager.
  • 8. Now after exit , re-update that aroma file again and it will open again.
  • 9. Go to data >> and then System.
  • Then find ‘gesture.key’ (for pattern lock) and ’password.key’ (for password lock) then long touch on gesture.key or password.key and sum option will be prompted, choose to delete and delete that file and restart.

Note: If you see the gesture pattern grid or password after restarting, don’t worry. just try any random pattern or password and it should unlock.

Just in case you tried all the method above and nothing work for you, then you last option is to fully wipe your device which means you’ll lose your files. any question on this?? kindly use the comment section. Boss

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