This is how to use glo new cheap data plans On Bb10 – glo 6gb for #2,000 or 10gb for #2,500

I know many of glo lovers has been rocking the glo new data plan that offers 6gb for #2,000 and of course 10gb for #2,500, in case you just hearing of this for the first time kindly check here for full details.
The Glo data overload has been on for a while, and it offers subscribers cool and huge amount of data at a relatively cheap price, however not everyone can use the so called glo data overload plan because of their poor network coverage in most part of the country. I will advice you check how good the Network is in your area before you subscribe for it.
Back to the subject matter, how you can use the new glo data plan on BlackBerry 10 device Interestingly, these new data plans work on all devices with internet connectivity. Blackberry 10 users are not left out.
However, by default, Blackberry 10 users may not be able to use the data plans but there’s a way around it and it’s very simple.

How to use Glo Newly Launched Cheap Data Plans On Blackberry 10 Phones
If you’d like to use glo’s new cheap data plans on BB10 phones, simply follow the below procedures.

– On the BB10 phone, navigate to settings
– Tap on Network and Connections
– Tap on Mobile Network
– Look below the screen on that page and tap on the settings symbol.
– Change APN from to gloflat or glosecure then save.
– Go back and wait till the data connection come alive.
Its that simple, enjoy while it last.
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