How to use Tweakware VPN with Etisalat BB10 Bis on Android

Recall the etisalat bis on android cheat which has been around for some days now, well you can now enjoy it even better using latest Tweakware VPN. The latest version of Tweakware is V2.5 and it includes etisalat bis bb10 settings on it and one interesting thing about it is that it works great.
The latest etisalat bis bb10 settings was modded into tweakware by the developer (Cast). Another thing I kinda like about this method is that it makes the cheat more coded meaning you dont get to know which settings you actually using.
Etisalat BB10 Bis on Android
However, as we all know Tweakware VPN is not entirely free as one will be restricted to a daily limit of about 200mb or might not even make it to the free server as most of the free server as mostly overloaded.
Download latest Tweakware VPN apk android app here and you will see all the bundled settings.
However you need to read the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Tweakware Free Account as put together by one of our brothers from

#1 You will be restricted to only 200mb daily on your phone.

#2 I know someone will be talking about the Device changer app that people used to get more free 200mb by changing their device id?. But you should know that cast isn’t the kind of person to play with as he restricted his free servers to few number of users.

#3 You might exhaust your first free 200mb, and run to change your device id, coming back to use tweakware free server and to see “number of users exceeded”. That’s one freaking thing i hate about tweakware. Not only did cast restrict the bandwidth, he also restricted the number of users on free servers while the paid server is unlimited.

#4 This is why we all should appreciate Dzebb, who didn’t collect a cent from us to use psiphon handler the way we like. He just monitised it with ads and many of us would use adblock to block those ads. Then look cast isn’t offering his vpn application for free, i mean Unlimited even NetLoop VPN is free to use.

#5 I’m still trying to get the settings cast used to make tweakware work with etisalat bis on Android, though cast is very good in tweaking. You are interested and wants to use tweakware with etisalat bis on your Android phone? Continue below.

#6 Tweakware hardly disconnect unlike psiphon handler and it works on all internet application on your Android device.

#7 Tweakware is very fast to use especially the premium servers but the free servers gets slower as time goes on.

I kinda agree with him on this, as getting people to pay more isn’t something really enticing. but then we may have to consider the energy,money,time and resources put together to making something called a VPN so we cant blame Cast for putting some data limit on it, afterall the likes of TroidVPN, DroidVPN among other actually does same. this are means through which this guys make their money back,
latest Tweakware VPN

How to use tweakware with etisalat bis bb10 on Android

>>>First download Tweakware latest version Tweakware V2.5 from the link above.
>>> Click on settings and scroll down to bundle settings, tick use bundle settings and click select bundle settings.
>>> There you will see etisalat bb10 and tick it.
>>> Press back and return to tweakware V2.5 homepage, click on sever and select free server.
Note your APN settings must be with no ip and port. You can check here for other alternatives to Tweakware VPN
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