Get mtn 17.5gb for 2000 Wow Weekend Free Data Bonus

mtn is at it again but this time with a very enticing data bonus offer 17,5Gb for 2000, we all know that the mtn wow weekend promo has been on for a while but this time around the data bonus seems to have took a new turn, with the advent of a huge 17.5gb for just 2000, recalled the 7gb plan for 2000 tech+ data promo right am still flexing my data till date.

This weekend wow bonus is special with some really enticing offer, mtn will give you 17.5gb when you subscribe for the mtn 3.5gb data for 2000 during this weekend, i meant between Now till Sunday 11:59PM. However there’s something you need to note here, 14GB out of the 17GB data bonus will only be usable during weekends ( Friday – Sunday 11:59PM ) while you get to use the rest of your 3.5GB any time you wish for a period of one month.

MTN Wow Weekend Special 17.5gb for 2000 Bonus Offer

mtn 17.5gb for 2000
Special offer! Buy 100MB for N200 and get 500MB Free data Dial *131*113#
Buy 750MB for N500 and get free 3.75GB free data dial *131*103#
Buy 1.5GB for N1000 and get 7.5GB Free data. Dial *131*106#
Buy 3.5GB for N2000 and get 17.5GB free data. Dial *131*110#

How Long  Does The MTN 17.5gb for 2000 Wow Weekend data bonus last? 

Well this seems to be one very bad offer which however what am yet to understand is are we expected to exhaust 14GB of data withing 2days Friday to Sunday or what? but then judging from the bonus message you can see that it is clearly stated that the bonus data expires Oct. 2016, how true this is remains unknown. it would be wise to assume The bonus might last you for this weekend, expires Sunday 11:59PM

mtn 17.5gb for 2000

How Can I Check mtn 17gb for 2000 wow weekend data Bonus?

Dial *131*4#
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