Photos: See the Gas-Powered Iron Invented by a Nigerian

You  need to see this gas powered iron invented by a Covenant University Graduate one mr Ayokunle Adeniran see photos below You would recall we publish an article on one Nigeria Uk engineer that manufactured a tractor, one interesting thing about the tractor is it is said to be 100% Nigeria Made, in case you miss the story check here.
Another Nigerian, Ayokule Adeniran sometimes ago Invented a ‘NEPAless‘ Gas-powered Iron., Ayokule Adeniran who is a graduate of Covenant University is actually making us proud, with this you sure can say bye to the era of waiting and waiting for PHCN or whatever they are now called to restore electricity before you can actually press that your fitted t-shirt.

With no doubt I believe the era is gradually coming, when innovations and science will become the order of the day. Don’t forget people are already saying good bye to the use of petrol to power their Gen, as some have converted this Gen to gas powered, well stay tuned for an update on that.
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