See What He Found Inside An Original Blackberry Charger

Someone actually went to the market to purchase a blackberry charge only to find an iron rod inside just to add to the weight of it making it look like an original charge
A user on Nairaland with the user name jesi800 was however the victim this time around. Checkout what he said in quote.

“Am a fan of BB authentic charger not until the day one of my charger was bad so I had to make a switch with another part of my other spoilt one. There is a general knowledge that the charger with more mass is original due to the presence of mini transformer inside.Only for me to open the fake BB charger and I found a metal of about 20g inside to support the weight to make the fake have weight like the original. Pls be warned Nigerians. Pics below of both fake and original”. Jess800


Pls be more careful when purchasing stuffs in the market as sellers are now using different dubious means to disguise and sale fake products as original. Last year, some people reported how they were deceived in Computer Village Lagos. One bought an iPhone of about N109,000 but when she got home, she realized that it was just a cloned Chinese iPhone.
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