Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II Surface Online See leaked Spec & Image

Leaked images and specifications of the Tecno droipad 10 Pro II made its way online according to the information reaching us, this is the next device that is set to be launched from the Tablet Unit of TECNO Mobile. the device is rumored to be running on a different OS entirely called the Android Remix OS. I bet you haven’t heard of that before.

Tecno droipad 10 Pro II will be the first of its kind as no TECNO product or even other mobile devices in Nigeria has ever ran on this OS. Remix OS by Jide Technologies is an Android variant that provides a custom desktop interface which allows the mobile OS with productivity characteristics of a desktop OS.

Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II Leaked Images

Tecno droipad 10 Pro II

Tecno droipad 10 Pro II

This simply means the DroiPad 10 Pro ii will be running on Android but with features of a desktop computer, we get to see things like the Taskbar, Sidebar notifications like in the Windows 10 and limitless multitasking tabs like in Windows. We also hear the device will be coming with a detachable keyboard like the WinPad 10.

This is what we know about the device so far but we can be sure to expect more features when the device is fully launched. This is very massive and the Tecno droipad 10 Pro II is the first of its kind in the Nigerian market, TECNO are really making a very big statement with the Android Remix OS.

droipad 10 Pro II

droipad 10 Pro II

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Leaked Specification of the Tecno droipad 10 Pro II

Resolution 1280*800
Display 10.1” IPS Touchscreen
Processor 1.3GHz Quad-core
Micro SD Card Slot Yes, Expandable
Front and Rear Camera UNKNOWN
Battery 7000mAh
Android OS Remix OS
 SIM Dual Micro-SIM

These are the information we have been able to get concerning this device, judging with this limited details we have we are certainly impressed and we cannot wait to see the full specs and image of this device. Stay tuned for more!!!


Interestingly, tecno droiPad 10 Pro II comes with a huge 7,000mAH battery all embedded on a 10-inch Display with a detachable keyboard, you need not to be told that this device is a tablet

It also packs 8-megapixel rear with LED Flash while it features a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with soft flash for video calls and selfies.

Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II

Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II

You might be wondering what’s the fuse about the Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II, well it may interest you to know that the tablet not only will it be the first to come with the new Android Remix OS, it also will come with a very solid configuration for fast performance, not to forget the Massive battery power of about 7000mAh.

Tecno DroiPad 10 Pro II Full Spec

Before moving ahead to the spec, shall we take a quick look at the phone expected performance, also tecno droiPad 10 Pro II will come with a quad-core processor clocking at a speed of about 1.3 GHz supported by 2GB of RAM which is capable of delivering a fair level of satisfactory performance to its users. now to the spec..

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OS – Remix OS
Processor – 1.3GHz Quad-core
Dimension – 244*172.5*8.5 mm
SIM – Dual micro SIM
Display – 10.1” IPS Touchscreen
Resolution – 1280*800
Memory – 32GB EMMC + 2GB DDR3
Connectivity – GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Battery Capacity – 7000mAh
Sensor – Gyroscope, Light and Proximity

My only downside with this very enticing device is the Resolution, common, 1280*800 for a 10-inch tablet in 2016 is not so nice,

and of course unlike the Camon C9 Pro which is said to come with 3GB of ram, this will however come with just 2gb, not bad though, but they can do better.

What’s disappointing about the droipad 10 pro II

Also don’t expect to see a fingerprint scanner on this, what you see here might be just what you will get, however the device is yet to be released but we can guess that its launch is quite around the corner

Price of tecno droipad 10 pro II

The DroiPad 10 Pro Price in Nigeria is expected to range from N50,000 to N60,000 depending on your location in Nigeria.

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