Tweakware v3.2 Android Settings for Glo 0.00 Browsing Cheat

Trust Cast to always drop out new version of its vpn to cater for those who needed to make use of it for one browsing cheat or another, this time around its Tweakware v3.2 with a new redefined settings for Glo 0.0kb unlimited free browsing cheat . many times we try so hard to connect with Psiphon handler with glo 0.00 free browsing but thats to end now.

The new tweakware 3.2 includes the Glo 00kb free browsing settings inside. You would recall that the glo 0.00 cheat has been on for some time now, formally on Psiphon and many of us has been emjoying it ever since. but In case you are just joining, you are most welcomes, you can however check the previous Psiphon settings for glo 0.0kb free browsing tweak and see how to rock it with Psiphon handler.

However, this post is meant for those that who finds it very difficult connecting with Psiphon handler, i can bet this new tweakware v3.2 is just for you, So calm down your nerves and follow the steps i will show you here which is currently working for me.but it would be wise to note that this glo 0.0 new cheat might just not last that long, as we all know how many of this cheat in recent times have been blocked.

tweakware v3.2

 How to use Tweakware v3.2 with Glo 0.00 Browsing Cheat

=> Download Tweakware v3.2 apk android app Here
=> Very good 3G network
=> A glo SIM with 0.0kb balance
=> Your Android device
In order to be able to use this latest glo 0.00 cheat, you may need to activate glo PAYU, sms PAYU to 127 and you will get a reply that you are now using data as Pay As U Go to browse.

Glo APN Configuration for Tweakware v3.2

  • APN NAME: gloflat 
  • APN: gloflat 
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080 
  • Username and password: gloflat
  • (Or use the default Glo APN settings)

How To Use Glo 0.00 Tweak with latest Tweakware VPN

=> Install the latest tweakware that you downloaded earlier
=> Launch the app and use the following settings
=> Go to Settings
=> Bundle Settings
=> Select Bundle Settings, then tap on NG GLO 0.0.
=> Now return to the app homepage and select Free Server (if you don’t have premium account)
Finally, hit the connect button and it should connect within few seconds.
However, it is worthy to note that as a free user you are only limited to 200mb daily, but you can get around that, you can check the article on how to bypass tweakware daily 200mb limit.

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