UK-trained Nigerian Engineer, Timothy Addigi Builds A 100% Nigerian Tractor

At least on a brighter mode this time, we weren’t featured in such a bad new, thou building a tractor isnt much of my thing but hey its sure something, it shows That if we actually believe, put our heads together, we sure can achieve a lot.
This is the story of a UK Trained Nigerian engineer, Who recently featured in the news for Constructing a locally made tractor and its believed to be 100% made Nigeria.
tractor made in Nigeria

UK-trained Nigerian engineer Timothy Addigi Terfa is getting ready to launch a Nigerian-built tractor. Mr Terfa said:

“I designed and built this tractor, which is 100% Nigerian, with a team of skilled individuals.”

He has called the tractor Ijodo, meaning labour in the Tiv language. well I await the time we will actually start to produce something much more defining and not just a mini tractor
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