Verify Any Nigerian Bank Account with Account Verifier to avoid being scammed

That awkward moment you mistakenly sent some huge amount of money to an unknown individual thereby loosing your hard earned money, what if I tell you there’s a way to verify any Nigerian account now with an app to check and confirm the authenticity of the bank account. Sounds cool right?? Then read on…
A Nigerian just developed an android app that helps you verify your bank account number or account details from another account holder. The app works great with all Nigerian banks and it’s easy and quite simple to use.
bank verify app
Why do I need this Bank Account Verifier?

1. Avoid being scammed by people
2. Prevents identity theft
3. Avoid sending of money to the wrong bank account.
4. No need to visit customer care anymore for account verification
Who then needs this Bank account verify ?? Well Everyone who cares to stay safe online does and should have it installed on their smartphone right away.
Where Can I Download Nigerian Bank account Verify?

>>Download it here and install it
>>open the app and Select the bank name
>>Enter a 10 digit Nigerian Bank account.
>>Click on verify to know who owns the account number.
I hope you always take few seconds to verify any acct holder before you proceeding to make payment, unless of course they happens to be people or close relatives you trust.
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