This is Brilliant, have you seen Xiaomi Foldable Bicycle; Meet Xiaomi QiCycle

When it comes to smartphone you definitely can’t rule out Xiaomi, they are well known for producing great Smartphone and of course they are popularly referred to as China IPhone, well this time around Xiaomi as decided to explore more aside Smartphone with its first and brilliant Xiaomi QiCycle Bicycle which happens to be Its first Foldable bicycle.
Xiaomi QiCycle is a smart “Foldable Bicycle” that works with an application which provides complete stats on all the rides you embark on while using the Xiaomi QiCycle.

Interestingly, the Xiaomi QiCycle is said to be GPS enabled which helps with navigation, the foldable bicycle is however powered with a 20 x 2900mAh lithium-ion battery cells accompanied with a battery management solution that promises about 45 km on a single charge.

Features Of Xiaomi QiCycle Bicycle

1. Torque Measurement Method (TMM) sensor intelligently measures the torque you apply and adjusts power based on your pedaling.
2. A Companion smartphone app that displays in-depth info: bike status, GPS navigation, ride stats.
3. 20 x 2900mAh lithium-ion battery cells (same battery used by Tesla) with a battery management solution that can go 45 km on a single charge.

4. 3-speed gear hubs
5. Foldable and compactly lean at 14.5 kg
6. Real-time stats: speed, distance, power, dynamic power, calories consumed
The Price of the Xiaomi QiCycle Bicycle is pegged at $452
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