You can now compose messages in different Languages on Facebook with Facebook Multilingual Composer

Facebook is using artificial intelligence to allow users to compose one post in multiple languages. The issue is critical given that half of Facebook’s customer base doesn’t speak English. This bid is to break down language barriers.

Facebook said it will begin testing an in-house tool called the “multilingual composer.” Using the composer, Facebook customer can write one post and viewers will see it in their preferred language.

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The multilingual composer is already being used on its Pages feature and receive about 70 million daily views according to Facebook.

Facebook- multilingual
The tools for breaking down the language barriers which include:

An editing tool that will pre-fill messages in more languages
• Storage for the first message and separate objects for each language.

Authors can select to post all languages at once. Facebook said it looked at two approaches to translation. One revolved around picking languages based on characters and metadata. The other stored the first message and then translated the original post.

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Language identification to look at preferences, location and the language users use the most. According to Facebook, breaking down language barriers can boost engagement as well as make its advertising more global. Culled from : Phonex

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