Acer’s 13-inch Swift 7 laptop is extremely thin

Acer Swift 7 is the company newly unveiled laptop that is believed to be ridiculously thin, the company released this 13.3-inch laptop, along side its newly introduced Chromebook, the laptop is which runs on Windows 10 out of box is expected to battle Xiaomi Air

The Acer Swift 7 is not just a 13.3inch laptop but also clocked at a centimeter – 9.98mm or 0.39-inches to be precise, making it a gadget you definitely would love to have, the company made it extremely thin as against the Xiaomi Air which is said to be lighter than a Magazine.

The laptop will first hit the ground at North America, where it would go for sale, and is expected to start retailing come September 2016, the company is however optimistic that the device would sure meet users demand, users are also to expect its Chromebook to come with such enticing specs as this

Acer’s 13-inch Swift 7 Specs

Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7is believed to weigh in as light as 2.48pounds, also featuring a well beautifully crafted aluminum uni-body design, along with a Gorilla Glass covered display with a more staring thin bezels..

Interestingly, the Swift 7 promises straight solid nine hours of battery usage on a single full charge, which to me looks extremely enticing and of course quite impressive, the laptop is said to run on a 7th gen Core i5 processor, powered with 8GB of memory along with 256GB of HDD storage.

Besides the Swift 7, the company will also be introducing a few other new laptops. ranging from the Swift 5 which is under 15mm thick and has a 14-inch display, down to the Swift 3 which happened to be a mid-priced 14-inch laptop, about 18mm thick, with both sixth- and seventh-gen Intel CPUs.

However the Swift 3 will be powered with an Intel Pentium and Celeron processor, and a low-res display considering the fact that it is a mid-priced laptop unlike the others

On the final note, the laptop is set to hit North America next month September, and is expected to retail at $999. the device will sure make a good one for both game lovers and of course developers..

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