Blackberry Hub+ for Android available for download

Am sure the Blackberry Hub+ needs no much introduction, once upon a time those bb users can punch you if you dare mess around with their device, well good thing your favorite brand has moved to android in a last min save our soul route and the hub has been made for android as well

I know some very addict fan of the Hub, well good news to you as you should be expecting this app to come pre installed with the famous DTEK30 that’s set to hit the market soon, That been said the Blackberry Hub+ for Android is now available for download

BlackBerry just announced the launch of their BlackBerry Hub+ suite for Android, which will be made available with a new software licensing program for mobile devices. according to the statement released by the company

Blackberry Hub+ for Android

we’re bringing the super productivity suite known as BlackBerry Hub+ from BlackBerry 10 to, not just PRIV  or our coming DTEK50 smartphone, but ALL Android M(arshmallow) smartphones.

 Benefits of the BlackBerry Hub+ for Android

The BlackBerry Hub holds a lot of information and provides a unique way of managing all of your communication needs from a central place, it allow you to Peek at your accounts, Mark as read or delete prior messages it also afford you the opportunity to Manage accounts and also hide your message

BlackBerry Hub+ for Android is a new suite of apps that should be familiar to any BlackBerry 10 user. It helps centralize all of  your communications into a single, unified interface. The BlackBerry Hub inbox is included in this app bundle, which also includes a calendar, password keeper, contacts. notes, a launcher and more.

However the Hub Plus is only available for Android 6.0 Marshmallow… It will be available for Android Lollipop and iOS devices later in the future.

Where To Download The Hub+?

You can download a free trial of Android Hub for Android from Google Play. After a 30-day trial, you can continue using the apps for free with an ad-based experience, or subscribe to the entire suite of apps for 99 cents  a month, which will include additional features: contacts, tasks, device search, notes and launcher.
Download it here

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