Facebook To Bypass Adblockers, Forces Ads Display On Devices

Facebook forces ads display on devices, am sure news like  Facebook To Bypass Adblockers is one news publishers would love to read from Google, imagine Google coming up with such a news, most publishers like myself will most likely be happy about the news, but unfortunately this is coming from a multi billion company.

In a recent release on its blog Facebook explained that it will soon start to force adverts on a device with Ad-blocker, what this means is even if you have any ad-blocker app installed in a web browser, Ads will still be display on it. it further explained that ads serving is very crucial for the growth and existence of the platform and insisted that ads are not totally bad especially targeted ads.

Facebook To Bypass Adblockers, Forces Ads Display On Devices

The company said it has begun offering “more powerful tools” that let users control the content of advertisements they see, so ads can be tuned toward their interests. This is not unlike the Trending Now news segment, which will show you more articles based on the ones you’ve shown interest in in the past.

Facebook To Bypass Adblockers

“We’ve designed our ad formats, ad performance and controls to address the underlying reasons people have turned to ad blocking software. When we asked people about why they used ad blocking software, the primary reason we heard was to stop annoying, disruptive ads. As we offer people more powerful controls, we’ll also begin showing ads on Facebook desktop for people who currently use ad blocking software,” it wrote.

Also commenting on the issue Bosworth told the Wall Street Journal that the issue is a matter of principle.

Facebook is ad-supported. Ads are a part of the Facebook experience; they’re not a tack on,” he said. “This isn’t motivated by inventory; it’s not an opportunity for Facebook from that perspective. We’re doing it more for the principle of the thing. We want to help lead the discussion on this.”

Responding to the news, Eyeo Gmbh who happened to be the company behind the Adblock Plus wasn’t so happy with the news

“This is an unfortunate move because it takes a dark path against user choice,” “He further stated that it also isn’t a reason to overreact: cat-and-mouse games in tech have been around as long as spammers have tried to circumvent spam filters.” Eyeo in a blog post

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