Google Play Family Library Let You Share Paid Apps & Games

Google Play Family Library is the solution we have been craving for, this is one of the new features that was recently added to the Play Store, what it dose basically, is to afford you the opportunity to share paid apps, games with your family members without having to re-purchase any of the apps.

The feature has however been available on iOS store for over 2 years now, and was supposed to have been introduced to its android counterpart few months ago, but for reasons best known to Google developer team, it wasn’t not until recently.

You might be wondering how the Google Play Family Library works, well its simple, once you opt-in for this service, you will be able to share paid apps, games, tv shows and of course paid books to as many as 6 family members of yours.

However, you wont be able to share paid music reason being that the Google Music is quite different from this as it requires you to subscribe to the unlimited plan of about 15$, but if you are with an iOS device and you are registered on the Play Family Library you should be able to share movies.

How to create Google Play Family Library Account That Let You Share Paid Apps & Games

All you need do is take your time, carefully go through this guide below, and you are off to sharing all your paid apps with your loved ones.


1.Sign Up

Google Play Family Library
Google Play Family

The first thing you need to get in your possession is a Gmail to gained access to this feature. so i will suggest you head to Gmail and sign up for one, Now Once you are signed in to your Gmail account, you can then sign up for the Family Library, interestingly you can do this in two ways:

  • First, Sign up via Google Play Store on your Android device or iOS. launch the Store app, go to Account Family and tap on
  • Second method, is by registering for the family library via a link already made available by Google Click here to get started.

2.Add Payment Method

Google Play Family

After you might have signed up for an account,the next step is to add your payment method, which is the credit card required to make payment for any Google Play content you would like to purchase. interestingly, you can set limits so avoids indiscriminate purchase of apps.

3.Add content to the Family Library

This is for those who have made several purchases on the Google Play Store prior to this time, you can then add those paid apps, games or books to your Play Family Library so as to afford other family members the opportunity to download any of your paid apps for free. however if you seems to have made lots of purchase over time and finds it very difficult adding to list one after the other, you can simply select Add all eligible purchased items and click on Proceed.

4.Add your desired Family Members

Add your desired Family Members on Google Play Store

The next step is to add your your 6 family members that would have access to download your apps, however only individuals with a Gmail account can be added, they must be members of your family, reside in the same country with you and age 13 years and above.

To do this, type the name of the contact in the Add Recipientstext field. and select the appropriate one from the list of suggested names shown so you can add contacts faster. or better still type their name in full.

Once this is done, your beneficiaries would be send an invitations via e-mail, and of course they have to accept your invitation.

Each family member that accepts the invites will now have a new FAMILY LIBRARY section under My Apps and Games where they can see all the content you have added, and from there they can download them.

Once that is done, you will see an icon somewhere near the title of any of your paid apps indicating apps that can be added to the Family Library.

4.Set Purchase Limits On Your Card

Now that you’ve added your family members to your Family Library, the next thing to worry about is your credit card and your privacy. Your credit card because every member added to your Family Library will have access to make purchases on the Google Play Store with your credit card.

Interestingly, Family Library has a Settings menu through which you can set some restrictions and control the content that the other members get, and the purchases they can make with your card. One thing to note is that each family member can still make purchases with their own credit card, so if you have someone who can conveniently purchase stuff on their own, kindly ask them to refrain from making purchases with your card.

To change all these, locate the Family Manager Settings menu. One of the settings you can customize is:

  • Request approval before purchases are made.

There you have it all, enjoy and don’t forget, if any members seems to abuse the privileged given to them by making series of purchase with your card, kindly remove such to avoid stories that touch. regards to Edi of Editweaks. you may like to check out 7 ways to fix google play store not working or responding

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