How To Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Contact To Facebook

How To Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions, WhatsApp recently upgraded its terms and privacy, giving it full access to your contact, thereby sharing your phone contact with its other half social network Facebook, as we all know that both company is now owned by Facebook.

The newly introduced terms and conditions that are being sent across to all it users, comes with a clause which most people do not understand what truly this terms and conditions are all about. in the nut shell, it gives full access to Whatsapp giving away your contacts to Facebook, interestingly you can Opt Out of this Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

However there’s a way to actually stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Phone Contact To Facebook, how then can one go about this? well you don’t have to be that scared, thou you be sharing your contacts with Fb but your chats are still encrypted but then we still cant guarantee 100% safety.

Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

In fact, nothing is 100% safe online, we all just must be careful, having said this, If unknowingly you already had agree to this new terms and conditions, whatsapp will have the right to upload all your contact and i mean all your contact to facebook, and this numbers will be used to send targeted ads to there users..

How To Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions:

  • Launch your updated WhatsApp application, you will see a page that asks you to tap agree on new terms and privacy policy on the screen 
  • Tap Read, Thereafter 
  • Uncheck Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook.

However, if you have already agreed to this terms and conditions already and wish to opt out, you can still do so by following the steps bellow.

Opt Out OF Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions

How to Opt Out Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions For iOS users: 

  • launch your WhatsApp 
  • Go to Settings > Account. 
  • Uncheck Share my account info. 

How to Opt Out Whatsapp New Terms and Conditions For Android users: 

  • launch your WhatsApp 
  • Tap the three dots icon on the top-right. 
  • Tap Settings > Account. 
  • Uncheck Share my account info.
Just have i have stated above, opting out from whatsapp new terms and conditions dosnt literally means your contact are 100% safe, the company may still go ahead to share them with FB, but by doing so you at least gave your opinion known that you disapprove the company from sharing your contact.
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