Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Picture, Reviews, Price and Spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos, review, price in Nigeria and of course price, yes you read right we will try as much as possible to give you as many unboxing images as we can, recalled not too long ago we brought the unboxing of tecno camon C7 to you, well relax and fill your eye before you rush to purchase.

You might be wondering what is it that we actually want to unbox about the hot 4, and why do i need to purchase one when there are several others quite cheaper than this, well maybe i should begin with a little intro of the device spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Reviews and Spec.

The Infinix Hot 4 is one coded smartphone from infinix, which came with less publicity however with some nice enticing spec, unlike what we are used to on the hot series, the hot 4 comes with a huge 4000mAH battery, giving the like of hot 3 and hot 2 a chase for their money.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos

Not alone does it come with such huge battery, it also is the first hot series device to feature a finger print sensor, giving you absolute privacy over any forms of intrusion into your device, with this only your registered finger thumb can be used to unlock. well we wont be dwelling much on the spec here as we want to take you round the infinix hot 4 unboxing photos you can however check here for the full spec.

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos and Purchasing Price

shall we begin with the phone in the carton….

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing Photos

Merely looking at that it kinda looks cool and of course enticing, fitting right into it,  Opening it up wow… giving you that feeling like you need to purchase asap!! well there she is with so much calmness…

Infinix Hot 4 Unboxing

Powering it up to set up is as easy as it can get, you actually don’t have to sweat a thing

Infinix Hot 4

 Without wasting much of your time, shall we just skip the whole talky thing and show you the rest of the photos..

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 Spec

Infinix Hot 4 duel sim

2 Major Reasons Why You Should Purchase The Hot 4 Over Hot 3

Hey friends, believe me, the infinix hot 3 is such a nice phone, but having this around will definitely put an edge on this over it, if you already bought the hot 3, you can skip this part as am trying to talk with that fellow who is bent on choosing either the Hot 4 or the Hot 3. yes You!!!!

Aside from the hot 4 being a successor of the hot 3, it also comes with few added features that arent on the former. One and most important to me is the huge 4000mAH battery.

Infinix Hot 4 battery

with this you are rest assured of a long lasting usage on your smartphone, as a matter of fact, a single full charge can sure last you up to 48hrs on an average use and of course up to 24hrs on a heavy usage. while this is much a thing to me, however it isn’t to some, but hey, if you are that selfe lover then you better don’t go for this and stick with your hot 3 as this comes with just 8mp rare camera and 5mp front facing camera however with a flash.

Second major point or feature this device as that makes it a bit boss over the hot 3 is its added finger print sensor, just as i stated above, it gives you absolute privacy, which only your thumb can unlock, of course unless someone cuts off your hands, your device cant be unlocked by an unauthorized personal

Infinix Hot 4 Fingerprint Scanner

On a final note, the device is live and of course available for purchase on jumia store, and it sure retails for N36,900.

Infinix Hot 4 Price

There you have it, after your purchase you should consider downloading fts 17 on it and enjoy the best football game on android ever. see here to download.

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