Introducing Asus ZenScreen A Portable 15-inch Display

Asus ZenScreen an extremely portable monitor for laptop owners, don’t be scared, the device looks strange, but rather intriguing duck. It’s neither a tablet, laptop nor a convertible notebook, but it’s just a 15.6-inch portable screen.

The gadget is one of the most portable 15.6 inch monitors around till date. It weighs about 1.8 pounds, slightly lighter than the Acer Swift 7, it also measures less than a third of an inch thick, and comes with a USB Type-C connector that doubles both as a power adapter and also a video input.

Asus ZenScreen A Portable 15-inch Display

Asus ZenScreen

Interestingly, The ZenScreen is compatible with any computer that support a USB Type-A port in case your computer doesn’t supports USB Type-C yet. the gadget is about 8mm thick.

The Asus ZenScreen portable display is believed to come with a foldable protective case that helps guide the screen when not in use, which also serve as a stand, while this portable monitor seems to be the lightest around, it however isn’t the cheapest.


As the ZenScreen is said to go for €269 ( about $300) as soon as it hits the ground in Europe. However no official release date has been announced yet. well you can check here to download Pes 2017 ISO for your android

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