Microsoft Reward Offers To Pay You To Use Edge Browser

Microsoft is offering users some certain rewards in exchange for them making use of its Edge Browser and of course Bing Search Engine, this was made known recently in its bid to rebrand the “Bing rewards” to an all new Microsoft rewards – a platform which pays you to use the Edge browser and Bing.

You might be wondering what this offer is all about, well i will help out on that, Microsoft reward points to people who uses its Edge browser having signed up for “Microsoft Rewards”,

Well before you start jumping up and get too excited.

This offer isn’t available yet in any African country. so chill and stay calm but then you can now see how far Microsoft is willing to go to ensure you and i make use of its browser…

How the Microsoft Reward works

Microsoft simply monitors your activity once you signed up for the offer to know whether you are using the program for up to 30 hours a month, in the same vain you would also have to make Bing as your default search engine to earn additional points. which at the moment is only available for users in US.

The Points accumulated can then used in form of vouchers or credit on platform such as Starbucks, Skype, Amazon and ad-free, While this seems kinda hot right now in the US, well users from other country would still continue to use any browser they found best for them.

Microsoft reward

But on the brighter side, the Edge Browser isn’t that bad afterall, its kinda fast in addition to its clean and minimalist look compare to few others, while the Bing search isn’t all that bad as well,as it seems to be the best for videos simply because it allows you to watch videos right in Bing Search, which filters out the YouTube ads.

However we are of the opinion that no matter how much Microsoft actually pays people to use their browser most of the users paid would still go ahead to use the Google built Browser which is the Chrome and made available for all unlike the Edge which only is restricted to Windows 10 users.

On a final note, we are sorry to dash your hope ooo, am quite sure you probably got excited after reading the post title, thereafter I read the second line ” Not available in Africa”. and you like arrrgggg!!!

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