UK regulator to monitor WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook

You would recall we brought to you an article on how to stop whatsapp from sharing your contact with Facebook which seems like the best and easy way to protect your contact from being shared with Facebook.

well according to an article by Reuters, it said that the UK regulators has concluded plans to monitor how the popular messenger company WhatApp’s shares data with Facebook under its new privacy policy.

WhatsApp’s data sharing with Facebook to be monitored by Uk regulator

(Reuters) – Britain’s data privacy regulator said on Friday it would monitor how popular messaging service WhatsApp shares data with parent Facebook Inc under a new privacy policy.

The Information Commission’s Office (ICO) said while some users may be concerned by the lack of control provided by the updated privacy policy, others may consider it a positive

WhatsApp data sharing with Facebook

The company has said its new policy to share user contacts with parent company Facebook is done in a bit to allow for more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations on the social media network.However, the ICO does not have the power to block such a move

While this policy will stand and remain, users can still opt out of the policy by giving their disapproval so as to ensure there data are not being shared with Facebook..

Monitoring such activities is a good move, in its bit to protect its citizens data from being wrongfully shared online, however the Organization does not have the power to block such moves.

While this is done in the Uk, we do hope our government would pick a thing or two from such move to ensure its citizen information are well protected against any forms of violations online.

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