Unveiling Glo TGIF 3GB For N500, 1GB For 200 Weekend Plan

Glo 3GB For N500 is no stranger to us, as many of its subscribers as been enjoying this for quite some time, but they decided to officially launch it with a code name TGIF. like seriously ???? well in case you hearing about this for the very first time.

The Glo 3GB for N500 was the famous glo weekend data plan that was introduced severally weeks ago, seems it actually dint get much public stunt as they wanted, so they decided to throw it back on air just like their counterpart mtn with is very enticing wow weekend data bonus.

Well, i wouldn’t want to waste much energy on this, Glo TGIF Data plan. TGIF data plan offers you 3GB of data for just N500 during weekends.The offer will be available to Glo customers between the hours of 12:01AM on every Saturday to Sunday evening at 11:59pm.

Glo TGIF 3GB For N500

How Can I Sub For Glo TGIF 3GB For N500 Weekend & Night Plan?

Subscribers can opt-in or subscribe for this offer with four (4) different methods, which include;
» By text 61 to 127
» By dial *127*61#
» By dial *777*1*1*7*2#
» By dial *777# , 
Interestingly, the Glo data offer is available for both new and existing subscribers and also works on any internet enabled devices. Such as; Smartphones, Internet Modem for Pc, Iphones, Windows phones among others.
Click on Data services (1), After that choose Buy data (1), it will transfer to “Night And Weekend plans (7) and finally it will display N500 = 3GB For Saturday and Sunday + 7 Night (12:00 am to 5:00 am)

There you have it, but i strongly recommend you confirm the network signal in your area before opting for the Glo TGIF 3GB For N500 data plan to avoid stories that touch, reason being glo browsing network isn’t all the rosy type across the country, that’s not to say the network is that bad, in some part of the country subscribers do blaze real hot with glo, while in some its a hell no, but just in case you aint a glo fan kindly check out mtn wow weekend data bundle

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