Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs – First Electric Screw driver Launched

Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs Electric Screwdriver is no doubt going to change the game for many gadgets loving technicians across the world, This Chinese smartphone maker is known for being very creative and innovative, and is popular referred to as the god of smartphone in Chine.

with many of their recent gadget, ranges from their first ever Xiaomi VR Gadget down to Xiaomi MI NoteBook that is said to be extremely slimmer , lighter than a magazine, well the WoWstick 1fs wont be an expection of great innovations as this device is an electric screw driver with an integrated anodized aluminum design.

The Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs also comes with a built-in shadow less LED that enables users to see into dark holes holding screws and is most suitable for craftsmen, technicians and of course engineers to ease driving of different screws of different shapes.

Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs

Features of The Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs Electric Screw driver

The device is believed to come with a removable battery that offers up to 8 hours of work time or up to 180 days on standby; It is also said to come in a white storage box and with a weight of about 234g. in addition it will have 18 screw tips made from S2 steel alloy with a speed of about 100 RPM on it. check out pictures of the device below.

WoWstick 1fs Electric Screw driver

WoWstick 1fs Electric Screw driver

WoWstick 1fs Electric Screw driver

WoWstick 1fs Electric Screw driver

On a final note The Specifications Of Xiaomi WoWstick 1fs Screw driver

  • Product Color- Silver
  • Overpack – White Box
  • Total Product Weight – 234g
  • Power Supply- Replaceable Battery AAAX2
  • Product Life- 180 days with 8 hours continuous work
  • Operatind Mode- Dual torque 0.2 / 3 N.m
  • Bit size- 4 x 28mm
  • Rotating Speed – 100RPM (Revolution per minute)
  • Product Reatures- Self locking ratchet orientation

O ye gadget lovers, here is the toy for you. They are not just a brand, but they are gods in their own arena It will however retail for $30.. well you can check out xiaomi mi max

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