Airtel 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And 100gb For N300

This new plan is sounds just too good to be true, Imagine Airtel 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And Unlimited Data For N300, is this obtainable or sustainable ?? well you will find out in the cause of this article as you read further..

The news about this new and very enticing data plan broke few days ago, could this be Facebook in action?? well that we cant tell, however we took our time to study the plan very carefully as it is widely spread across as Airtel 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And 100gb For N300.

Well how those the airtel 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And 100gb For N300 actually works, This plan actually is meant for Opera mini and other social apps like Facebook, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, bbm etc. but then it seems to power every app on your smartphone, like wise it can used to stream or download.

Airtel 20gb For N200

What better thing would you rather do with a huge data as much as 20GB for that ridiculous amount without downloading and streaming the net.. so in case you have long forgotten about airtel, i say its time you go fetch your sim and part in this awoof..

It will interest you to known that this airtel awoof 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And 100gb For N300 works perfectly well on any internet enabled device and of course its not a cheat neither do you need any VPN to power it.

All you need do is to recharge your line with the said amount, subscribe and start flexing.without any further ado, lets move straight to how to subscribe for this awoof airtel plan.

How To Get Airtel 10gb For N100, 20gb For N200 And 100gb For N300

=> Recharge your line with either N100, N200 or N300, depending on the plan you want to subscribe for.
=> Dial *686# on your phone
=> Reply with 1, 2 or 3 for either 10gb, 20gb or unlimited plan respectively.
=> You will get a confirmation message afterwards.
=> Now you can start surfing…

Airtel 10gb For N100

However, if you are a fan of Ucweb, am sorry to disappoint you, as at the time of filling this, it does not work with uc browser and a few other app. but be rest assured we will update you as soon as we get a means on how to make it power all other Apps..

Could it be part of Facebook Free browsing as earlier announced it partners with airtel to deliver free internet, am afraid we dont have an answer to that, but sooner we will know what this is all about.. dont forget share this article with your friends and bookmark the site, while you keep coming for quality content.


Am sorry to announce to you that this plan has been reduced to a ridiculously data size, i will therefore advice if you are reading this for the very first time to check here and take your time to read before you take any further steps..Thanks!!!!

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