Facebook Coolinks Express Wifi Data Plan In Nigeria

Facebook partners Coolinks to bring express wifi to Nigeria, recalled the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was few days ago in Nigeria, during his visit, he however launched cheap Expresswifi in Lagos.

The Express wifi in Nigeria is one of several other things the young tech billionaire came to launch in the country, and it sure will benefit a whole lot of people, the program has however been launched in India prior to his coming, and has been providing cheap and affordable data plan for the people.

Facebook Coolinks Express Wifi Data Plan In Nigeria

In case you probably just hearing about this for the very first time, well let me do you the favor by explaining a bit further, the Expresswifi is a relatively cheap data plan, that offers subscribers data bundle for as low as N40 for 100MB, Yes!!! You can check the full Express Wifi Data Plan below

However this isn’t in form of a sim, Network or whatsoever but simply via Wifi-Hotspot.. in other words, if your phone isn’t WI-FI enabled you need to sell if off ASAP, in fact you shouldn’t be going about with a smartphone that isn’t enabled with that in 2016.

Express Wifi Data Plan In Nigeria

In other to achieve this goal in Nigeria, Facebook then partners with a company known as CoolLink which is based in Abuja, also have branch Offices in Lagos, kano and of course Port Harcourt. That being said, the service is expected to launch officially in Lagos this week.

But has started operation in some part of Lagos such as the Ikota shopping complex at lekki. Facebook’s cheap and affordable internet service is tagged ExpressWifi, and like i said it promises to be very affordable and of course cheap.

Imagine being able to subscribe for a whole 5gb for just N1,600, looks enticing right?? what about 100MB for just N40?? well without any further ado, check below for full list of the expresswifi data plan

Facebook Express Wi-fi Data Bundles

1. 100MB N40 24hrs
2. 300MB N110 24hrs
3. 750MB N270 7days
4. 2GB N700 7days
5. 3GB N1000 30days
6. 5GB N1600 30days

Interestingly, you can sign up for to ExpressWifi data plan free trial, to test run the speed and decide if you would join, for trial you will get free 100MB daily for 14 days. you can sign up here, enjoy!!!

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