Google integrate “OK Google” voice command to Google Maps

Just like a lawyer who is gearing up to defend its client while in court, Google has come has come again, this time not with a new app, but rather an already existing feature added to an already app, “OK Google voice command is no doubt one feature you would love to have integrated into all apps possibly

The Google app for Android is one of the best app added to the android smartphone, as against Apple siri, the app allows you to search the web, launch apps, ask questions, as a matter of fact you can also operate your smartphone without a single click, all this you can do with the “OK Google” voice command feature embedded in the app

In a bid to further improve the efficiency of the app, Google has enable an option for the command to respond only when needed, with this you may prefer to set OK Google voice command to “while driving,” by so doing, the commands becomes recognized automatically when you’re using navigation in Google Maps.

Google made this known yesterday via its Google map blog site where it stated how the features works, according to the post it explained that When you say “Ok Google”, the microphone will then be activated and you’ll see a circle with bouncing dots which indicates that your voice command is being heard

Google integrate “OK Google” voice command to Google Maps

OK Google voice command

Interestingly, with the new Google app users can now perform an all new driving-command requests such as “What’s my next turn?” and “What’s my ETA?”, as a matter of fact, you can perform other voice commands like “OK Google, show traffic” or “hide traffic”, you can also ask Google to “mute voice guidance,” or “avoid tolls” or highways.

Other fun commands you can perform with the Google app according to the information on Google map blog includes “OK Google, Play some jazz”, “Send a text”, or maybe even “Call mom”, all these among several other commands can now be preformed on Google app, well there’s a catch, and that’s it requires the latest version of the app.

All you need do to enjoy all this amazing new “OK Google voice command is to head straight to Play Store, and update your current Google app to the latest version and you on!!!!!

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