Google Pixel Smartphones to be launched Oct. 4th

Recalled sometimes last week, we told you about the next big thing from Google that’s set to hit the mobile market, well it seems the said smartphone is closer than we thought, Google pixel smartphone is believed to be launched come next month Oct. 4th.

Google pixel smartphones are expected to come in two different size, with code-name Sailfish and Marlin, one will feature 5-inch display which is expected to be tagged Pixel while the other with a 5.5-inch display will be tagged Pixel XL

Unlike the Nexus series which sometimes are designed by other company, Google is taking trying to take full control over the design of its phones, an example of such device with full control over its design is Google Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C which were all built by the company

Google Pixel Smartphones to be launched Oct. 4th

Google Pixel Smartphones

Interestingly, Google has made available a site ( ) through which customers can sign up to get more information about its newly produced device when it finally becomes available. this is an indication that the company is actually trying to reshape its stand when it comes to its product

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On a brighter note, the Google pixel smartphones are rumored to come with a 4GB of ram and is likely to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, however the inbult storage is yet to be known as at the time of filling this report.

Other features expected to come with the device are fingerprint scanner and of course it is expected to come pre-installed with Google’s latest Android Android 7.1

As enticing as the Google Pixel smartphones look, it isn’t coming cheap, the device is believed to be one expensive premium smartphone which might just cost you a whole $649, so the question now is can you spend up to that amount on any smartphone??

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