Google Play Music Store goes live in India for Rs 15

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i read the Google Play Music Store was just made available in India after several years, like seriously??? well we won’t be examining why it took Google that long to make the app available for download in India but we’ll be looking at the app itself, its features and other useful information.

Google Music subscription service was launched 5 years ago, but like we said, this just made its way to India, however the search giant is yet to officially made known the launch of its Music Store in India, but the service has you have rightly read wont be coming freely

Google play music store is no doubt one of the best music subscription service for android, although it has its own flaws, but then the company is trying to make it stand just like what we have on the Apple iTunes.

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Google Play Music Store for India goes live, but with a price tag

That being said, some music has already been listed for download on the Google Play Music Store in India while a few other songs comes with a price tag of Rs 15, however there hasn’t been any monthly subscription yet for the app

Google Play Music Store for India

Therefor users are still restricted, the Google Music subscription monthly service gives full access to the entire library, this among other features of the app seems not to have been fully integrated yet into, probably because the Google Play Music Store in India is yet to be officially launched

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Interestingly, quite a handful of some top Bollywood music has already been added for download, this service which has been available in Nigeria, US and other countries for sometime now comes with a family plan, in US for example the unlimited service for the music store is peg at $9.99/month

As you read this, the Google Play Music Store Service in India has gone live both on Android and of course web, so interested users in India can now enjoy the full potentials of this service.

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