How to get airtel free N1200 for N10 for calling

They have come again o, this time around with airtel free N1200 for N10, Yes!! Free… lol, well how long this is going to last depends on how far the network decide to let it stay, recalled the airtel 20gb for N200, they just dashed our hopes all of the sudden..

So i will advice not to get too excited about the airtel free N1200 for N10 usable for browsing and calling yet as they might decide to put a stop to it tomorrow, but hey, before they do, why don’t you join the league of those currently enjoying it,

Interestingly, the airtel free N1200 for N10 can be used for both calls and of course browsing, however it isn’t for everyone, sorry to dash your hope, not all of their subscribers are eligible for this free airtime.

airtel free N1200 for N10

How to get airtel free N1200 for N10

Now you might want to ask how to know if you are eligible for it or not, well chill a little friend, you almost there, you need to have at least #10 on your line, thereafter you have to dial the code below, just as if you want to migrate to the plan.

If you receive a message that “ you have insufficient balance ” i rejoice with you then, it means you are eligible. but if the message that came through is “enjoy 400% bonus on every recharge of 200 and above“, Oh No!! am sorry to say your line is not eligible.

Now to the most interesting part, how to get airtel free N1200 , to get this huge amount of airtime you need to dial *235*200#, then wait for a response, just as stated above , if you are eligible you should receive message like this;

You have received N1200 bonus to make calls to ALL NETWORKS and to browse the internet. Bonus valid for 3days.

Now you can go ahead to make your calls, likewise brows with your free N1200, nothing beats something that came freely without paying a dime lol!! ENJOY!! AND DON’T FORGET TO SHARE!!

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