How to use airtel 20gb for 200 with Psiphon handler

Yesterday evening we brought to you airtel 20gb for 200, the plan which has got many people talking, many not knowing how it came to be, while some are just concerned with how to download with it,

Either you are in search of how to download with airtel 20gb for 200 or you are looking for how to use is with psiphon handler so you can power all your apps with it, well am glad to announce to you that you are in the right place, all you need do is take few mins to read this..

before we move to how to download with either the 10gb for 100,20gb for 200 or even that of 100gb for 300, why dont we take recap of how to subscribe for it, shall we..

How to subscribe for airtel 20gb for 200

1. Recharge you airtel SIM with at least N200 Naira
2. Then dial *688#
3. Thereafter, select 2 from the options listed on your screen
4. After which You will receive a confirmation message welcoming you to the social bundle. This plan  is however valid for 25 days though airtel said one month but dont be deceived its 25days

Now that you know how to subscribe for it, shall we then move quickly to how to use it with psiphon handler to power all your app and download with it..

airtel 20gb for 200 with Psiphon


How to use airtel 20gb for 200 with Psiphon handler


1. Psiphon Pro Lite (Download below ).
2. Your android
3. New or old airtel SIM that has active airtel facebook social bundle, ( see above how to subscribe)
4. Strong and stable 3g network to work with vpn apps ( work best at night thou)


Name: Geeksng
Apn type: default,supl
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username and password: internet


  • Launch your Psiphon Handler
  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real Proxy Type: HTTP
  • Real proxy port: 80 or 8080

Thereafter, go to OPTIONS and select UNITED STATE as or you can as well choose any that suites you. Now click on MORE OPTIONS and untick CONNECT THROUGH HTTP PROXY.

Finally, return back to the app homepage and CONNECT, Congrats, you can now start blzing hot on all your apps with your huge 20GB of data which valid for 25 days


We promised to tell you how you can download with this on opera mini right? well here is it,, many of you noticed that you were unable to download with the new airtel social plan on opera mini web browser, here is a solution to that.

1. Launch your Opera Mini browser
2. Visit this site
3. You will see url address at the bottom of the website
4. Now look closely beside it, you will see a Go To Site button. Just click on it.
5. Once you click that, a new page will come up mimicking homepage
6. Now go to the file you want to download and copy the link inside the box then click Go To Site.
Your download should start now, enjoy till you are tired lol


Am sorry to announce to you that this plan has been reduced to a ridiculously data size, i will therefore advice if you are reading this for the very first time to check here and take your time to read before you take any further steps..Thanks!!!!, Why don’t you checkout How to Get Airtel 7GB for N2000 With Airtel REDHOT Promo offer

Click here to download psiphon handler apk.

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