How to use airtel zambia free browsing with tunnel guru

its been a while i update you guys with any recent airtel zambia free browsing cheat, don’t get too pissed with me, we just have been seriously busy over here but today we present you with airtel September browsing trick for both pc and android users.

Recalled our last update on Zambia browsing cheat for july?? well we are back this time around with airtel free browsing for september which promises you an unlimited internet surfing with tunnel guru for pc while you make use of slow dns on android

However the unlimited part of this airtel zambia free browsing for september only comes when you upgrade your tunnel guru account to premium, only then will you be eligible to surf the net the way you like, download and of course stream videos online.

airtel zambia free browsing

 How to use airtel zambia free browsing with tunnel guru:



1. download Slowdns for Android from the link provided below
2. Install the app, it however doesn’t require any forms of registration
3. Now select any server
4. In the next tab then input this DNS there and then connect and enjoy free internet

airtel zambia slowdns settings


1. download Tunnelguru for Pc from the link provided below
2. Install the app and then login with your Username and Password (you are to register on their site to get login credentials)
3. Now locate dns and input this ip connect and then enjoy free internet.

Airtel Zambia September Free Browsing with Tunnel Guru For Pc and Android


1. An Airtel Simcard for Zambia
2. An Android or PC
3. A Small pack of data to download your dns apps

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Download SlowDns apk here | Download Tunnel Guru for Pc here.

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