Latest mtn free browsing cheat for Pc with Your-Freedom

Like seriously, when was the last time we heard about latest mtn free browsing for pc, i cant even recall, maybe 1 year or there about, that being said, there’s this latest mtn free browsing cheat for pc with Your-Freedom vpn, which is currently working but however it’s a bit slow in downloading.

So if you wont mind its download speed, in fact am sure you won’t either, why not just follow the latest mtn settings for Your-Freedom as seen below, well in case you hearing about this vpn for the very first time which i doubt, you can read more about it as well below

Your-freedom is an all-in-one tunneling VPN app used for latest mtn free browsing for pc, it can also be used for firewall & proxy bypassing, likewise it provides you with anonymous web surfing and of course it’s an anti-censorship tunneling software which has been around for a very long time

Latest mtn free browsing cheat for Pc with Your-Freedom

Latest mtn free browsing cheat for Pc with Your-Freedom

it’s unarguable one of the oldest vpn mostly used for mtn free browsing, far back the days of Symbian OS devices and of course the famous windows 7, not until recently that something pop up in forms of free browsing which requires Your-freedom, i can say its almost forgotten

Enough history, why dont we move straight to the latest mtn free browsing cheat for Pc with Your-Freedom and as well examine the latest latest mtn settings for Your-Freedom, shall we??

Requirements for the latest mtn free browsing for Pc with Your-Freedom

✔ Your MTN line
✔ Your USB Modem
✔ Your Windows PC
✔ Your-freedom credentials
✔ Your-freedom software


  • Goto with your web browser
  • Register and activate your account with them (if you haven’t registered before)
  • Take note of your Username and Password
  • After that, download the latest your-freedom software from their website.
  • Then install it on your PC

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latest mtn settings for Your-Freedom

  • Click On Configure
  • On Your-Freedom Server Address Tab Enter this XML server name = or
  • Then PORT: 53
  • Connection Mode Drop Dropdown ,=> DNS => Select TWEAK NIGERIA MTN
  • For Option Select And Tick , 1,3,7,6.

After setting up the above, just leave the rest as it is and move on to the next step.

  • Now Input Your Account Registration Info in Account Tab .. Your username and password, then save.

Now connect your mtn modem using the default connection settings and go back to Your freedom and click CONNECT. Once it’s Connected, like below:

Preferably: Use Google Chrome browser for this as it’s a bit better than others, however slow in downloading but fair in browsing.

Configure Your Browser as follows

Launch your browser (preferably Google Chrome), Go to Settings, then click on Show Advance Settings, Scroll down to Network, and click on Change Proxy Settings, which will then pop up your connection tab, click on your connection name and change to Manual Proxy, then set it up with the information below

proxy address :
Port: 8080

Save, and start flexing, Just enter any site of your choice and start browsing free via your freedom app.

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