Meet LuDela;The Smart Candle You Can Control With Your Phone

LuDela Smart Candle, the world first intelligent Candle that can be lit and of course extinguished with your smartphone, Yes!! We are gradually getting to that era of absolute technology evolution or should i say take over

If you have been active user of this blog, you will recall we published an article not too long on something related to this, and that’s no other but the Onenuts T1 which happened to be an all encompassing 8-inch tablet with an inbuilt HD Projector, well in case you miss that you can check above link

Well the ludela smart candle was actually unveiled 3days ago, and it has got tech lovers talking since then, imagine being able to lit up that candle in your room, church or homes with just a click on your device, am sure that would be one of the coolest and friskiest thing to do

LuDela Smart Candle world first intelligent Candle

Ludela Smart Candle

The real essence of technology just as a friend put it is ” the ability to solve problems “, you will agree with me that great innovations have surfaced over time tending to solve human problems the very little way they can, no doubt the world is yet to see the very best technology can offer

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You might want to ask, what makes this world smart candle different from any other, well unlike every other candle, ludela smart candle is made up of a candle shell, paraffin-free wax, silicone contraption and a non-toxic wick which produces real flame

According to the company, the flame is produced from four electric nodes that ignite the wick by Wi-fire technology.

The company further explained that the Smart Candle can be powered ON and Turned OFF remotely using an application installed on smartphone, the flames of the fire is said to produce specific effects as the application which controls it comes with different scene modes

Another brilliant function of the smart candle is that in unsafe situations, the candle turns off automatically and also sends an alert to your smartphone in case of an emergency, interestingly you can protect it with a password.

The ludela smart candle also comes with rechargeable batteries, which users can recharge every 6 months, unlike other candle, the exterior part of this does not diminish and can be refilled by the company

Like it or not, this is here to stay and you can pre-order for yours for just $99, click here to pre-order

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