Pixel launcher Becomes Google New Launcher

The all new launcher said to come pre-installed with Google’s upcoming smartphone could be code name Pixel launcher, rumor has it that Google may unveil two new smartphones come next month. which would be in partnership with HTC,

However the new smartphones won’t be coming Nexus name this time around. they’re believed to be part of the Pixel family. the clue was made possible courtesy LlabTooFer, who shared pictures of what seems to be Google’s next Android launcher, this time around not Nexus Launcher but rather Pixel Launcher

That being said,Google Pixel launcher comes with some new design elements which makes it different from earlier versions of Google’s launcher. There’s no dedicated home screen icon for the add drawer: instead what we have is a small icon indicating that you can swipe up to see all of your apps.

The launcher drawer also comes with a new design, having the search bar right at the top. And on the home screen, there’s a Google icon that you can slide out to quick start a search, instead of the usual search bar that stretches from one end of the screen to the other.

Pixel launcher

The Pixel launcher seems to come as expected with all that makes it extremely different from the Nexus Launcher, however the main significance with the launcher lies with the name change. though Google is expected to unveil two new HTC-built smartphones come October 4, which is code named “Marlin and Sailfish”

Google Pixel launcher available for download on playstore

Interestingly, LiabToofer, went further to release the apk file for download, and this is available on Google play store, with this you can download Google upcoming launcher and have a feeling of what the next smartphones to be unveiled Oct. might feel like.

However as enticing as this might seems, one need to proceed with caution, as the pre-release Pixel launcher hasn’t been extensively tested and may come with some bugs, so users need to be a bit more careful.

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