Samsung Resumes Sales of New Galaxy Note 7

After countless reports surrounding the note 7 battery explosion, the company took the pain to replace over 2.5 million unit of the device, and has finally resume the sales of new Samsung galaxy note 7 after fixing the battery explosion problem with the device.

The company which suspended sales of the galaxy note 7 on 2nd of September and recalled about 2.5 million units of the device shipped worldwide after series of battery problem causing the phones to explode while charging.

With the recall currently on going in about 10 countries where the device had earlier been launched, however over 60 percent of the galaxy note 7 users in the US, had already swapped their’s for replacements with the new ones

Though the company had replaced quite a handful of the device, but customers have reportedly complained that the replacement isn’t all that flawless has it overheat during calls as well as batteries draining too quickly

Samsung Resumes Sales of New Galaxy Note 7 After Fixing Battery Explosion Problem

New Samsung galaxy Note 7

Samsung spokeswoman however acknowledged the claims but said they only amounted to “a few individual cases,“We would like to reassure everyone that new Note 7 phones are operating properly and pose no safety concerns,” she said, adding the firm was working earnestly to address the complaints.

The company made this known on Thursday, that it would resume the sales of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in South Korea this week after providing new “battery-problem-free” phones, with the hope to rebuild in its customers the trust they ones had in the company

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According to Samsung, about 80 percent of Note 7 users are expected to complete the exchange this week in South Korea, while the sales of new Samsung galaxy note 7 with fault-free batteries will resume tomorrow, Saturday the 1st of Oct.

Samsung further stated that the new Note 7 is expected to hit stores in other markets, including some European countries come October 28th, we do hope they get it right this time.

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