Shock!! Is Apple iPhone 7 exploding too??

The question bordering Apple iPhone 7 users now is if they are safe, while others smartphone users are wondering if iPhone 7 is exploding too, well you can.t blame either of them much, considering the price of the device and of course taking into consideration countless reports surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

So if your question is if Apple iPhone 7 is exploding too??, am afraid a Reddit user /u/kroopthesnoop is best in the position to reply you, according to the user, he alleged a co-worker pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and was excited to get it, only for his joy to be cut short when he discovered an already exploded iPhone 7.

Below is the images of the exploded Apple iPhone 7 as posted on Reddit,

Is Apple iPhone 7 exploding too
iPhone 7 explosion
Apple iPhone 7 exploded
iPhone 7 explosion

Is Apple iPhone 7 exploding too??

Judging by the image above, one can easily say the user might not be at fault for this, as /u/kroopthesnoop alleged to have received the exploded iPhone 7 as seen above this implies it may have exploded right in the box, however either it exploded in box or during usage, what we do know is it exploded

But for accuracy purpose, information regarding why this actually happened remains sketchy, but as soon as Apple release its statement, we’ll update you, but one thing is for sure, and that has been the words of several Reddit users, Something obviously happened between being built in the factory and of course through the shipping process, but what that is remains unknown.

However, Apple is yet to make any comment regarding this, as many iPhone 7 users are eagerly waiting to hear the company’s side of the story, but as we have rightly stated above, as soon as they do, we will bring it to your notice, while we wont want to spread any panic, it is however advice you use with care though.

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