Bixi : allows you control any smart devices by waving your hands

Introducing the device of the century ” Bixi ” a smart gesture device that afford you a touch-free control of any of your smart gadget / devices by simply waving your hand across it, what it does basically is to sense your in-air hand gestures and control the devices you intend to command.

Yes, you read well, with Bixi you can perform some very funny gesture control without actually touching the device , you want to know what we meant by that?? well let assume you happened to be in the kitchen cooking with your hands stained while the cooking guide you are following is on your phone

but you do not want to stain your phone with your oily hands or probably you don’t intend rinsing your hand each time you need to check your smartphone to follow up with the guide, oh dear you need not to worry what you need in such situation is BIXI

With Bixi you don’t need to worry about touching your smartphone before you scroll, all you need do is to simply wave your hand across it, while the device sense your hand-air gesture and command your device accordingly

Interestingly, Bixi can commands various Apps such as Spotify, iBooks, Youtube among several others and it can also control other devices which include LifX bulbs, Bose Soundtouch Speakers, GoPro, tablets and any Internet enabled device, allowing you to keep interacting with your smart gadgets without putting the need to stop whatever it is you are doing

How does BIXI works???

As rightly stated above, the device simply read your hand gesture and send signal to Bixi gesture app via bluetooth , the app would then read the signal sent from the device and deliver the commands to your device via a bluetooth or a Wifi connection.

The device can detect hand movements up to 9.8 inches (25 centimeters) in front of itself.

Surprisingly, You can control two devices or Apps at the same time. all you need do is to choose them in the Bixi App, connect the device to your iOS or Android mobile phone and use the app to set up the device profiles you wish to use Bixi for.




While voice control works, it is not without its limitations:

  • Often requires a continuous internet connection
  • Often limited by language & accent constraints
  • Not immune to loud music & background noises
  • Most importantly, not secure. (Anyone can activate and accidentally/intentionally control your home including someone talking on TV!)


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