How to root Google Pixel & Pixel XL – Chainfire’s Systemless Root for Pixel

Good news!! Finally one need to rest is mind that the almighty Google pixel smartphone can be rooted, Thanks to XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire who was able to successfully root his and has promised to let the gist out on how to root Google Pixel & Pixel Xl  using Chainfire Systemless Root for Pixel method

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are the very first device to have ever been sold with a very high security Operating System designed in such a way that makes it easier for users to download and install any system updates in background and safely revert back that update in case the user encounter any form of problem while installing it

With this the commonly used method in rooting Android won’t work on the Pixel because Google added an extra security feature to the device Android 7.1, however Chainfire was about to bypass such restriction and was successful in his approach

According to Chainfire he explained that the method he used to grant root access to Google pixel requires modifying /system and disabling dm-verity. He however has earlier expressed his concerns that disabling dm-verity might be one of the challenge .

Surprisingly, he was able to disable dm-verity, after series of attempt he was finally able to Systemless Root the pixel samrtphone without affecting the system partition by modifying the boot image

How to root Google pixel

Credits: Chainfair Systemless root for pixel

Although he’s yet to release the method on how to root google pixel using Chainfire Systemless Root for Pixel method but as soon as he does we’ll update you, it however becomes necessary to note that to root your Google pixel or pixel xl device you may have to unlock the device bootloader

Which will cause SafetyNet to fail, so if you eventually do, you should know that by doing so you forfit being able to play Pokemon Go or use Android Pay on your Google Pixel, however XDA Developers team are hopeful they might be able to come up with a way round that soonest…

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Trust us, as soon we get more details on how to root Google pixel or pixel xl using Chainfire Systemless Root for Pixel method we’ll definitely update this article

Credits : XDA-DevelopersChainfire

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