Chinese Companies Banned Workers From Buying iPhone 7

Some Chinese company has issued a warning to its staff who are so keen to purchase the latest apple iPhone 7, the warning literally forbid any of its employee from buying the device

As matter of fact its either your job or your smartphone. With this over a million intending users may no longer be able to do so

in summary, The Companies out-rightly forbid its workers From buying the iPhone 7 or You’re fired, its as simple as that

That being said, any workers caught purchasing the ‘expensive’ iPhone 7 will be forced to either return the phone for a cheaper one or face several punishments such as being sacked, forced to resign, or probably being denied promotion.

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The reason behind the ban against suspending any chines employee from buying the iPhone 7 is said to have been done at making employees live within their means according to the employers and people who spoke with the BBC In China, the device is said to costs up to three times the average salary of a company worker.

iPhone 7? You're fired

The companies were reported to have taken the measure in order to discourage its workers from spending that much on apple latest flagship device and sees it as a display of extravagance to have bought the device, according to bbc, it stated that the firms issuing such anti-iPhone edicts claims they are doing so for patriotic reasons these companies

BBC further reported that an hospital’s manager who spoke with one of its reporter said they are been prompted to act after a member of staff had recently purchase an iPhone 7 even though it cost three times their monthly wage.

“I’m not against foreign brands but I don’t like to see people buying expensive iPhones that they can’t obviously afford. Some people borrow money from banks or family and friends, others even sell their organs to buy iPhones. I don’t want my staff to do such things,” he said.

“Although owning an iPhone won’t affect people’s work performance, I simply want to set up rules that promote our company’s culture: diligence and frugality.”

Before now. there have been numerous report of cases of young men and women in China selling their body parts like kidneys just for them to acquire the Apple devices.

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